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Out of the hard drive and into your hands

Our team of data experts helps our customers do more with their data by improving how they collect, warehouse, distribute, normalize, visualize, and analyze it. We have industry-leading expertise in integrating and operating CygNet, Ignition, and Wonderware systems. We help you curate your data so everyone gets the data they need to do their jobs.

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enterprise services

Enterprise SCADA Projects

Techneaux’s Enterprise Services Team designs, implements and deploys solutions that help you dig deeper into your company’s data to produce key takeaways and actionable insights to help you make better decisions and optimize your operations.

Data Acquisition

We have ample experience in data acquisition systems across a wide range of industries. From PLCS, ETUs, EFMs, and more, we have the ability to design & implement a communications infrastructure that ensures your data will get where it needs to be safely & quickly.

Warehousing Data

Our professionals support a wide variety of hardware, including the installation, setup, & troubleshooting of workstations, media rooms, and devices supporting large facilities.

Data Distribution

We are experienced with designing, deploying, supporting local and wide area networks from homes and offices to large enterprises & metropolitan areas.  

Normalizing Data with Enterprise SCADA

We’ll organize your information, relate it to relevant projects and template it into a robust data model that can serve as a key component for your business’s data management workflow.

Data Visualization & Analytics

Viewing your data within HMIs, mobile applications and simple reporting allows you to analyze and present your data quickly and effectively while making better, more informed decisions that help optimize your operations.

Project Management

We’ll help you with your company’s daily administrative tasks and employee training to ensure you stay up and running through sick days, holidays and beyond.

Let's Get Down To (Your) Business

When you choose Techneaux, you have a team of multi-talented experts with a passion for seeing you succeed by your side. Together, we’ll design services and solutions tailored to accelerate and improve your overall business performance.

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