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Your business is flexible—your technology should be, too

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(even when you don't know you need us)

Are you fighting with one-size-fits-all services that just don’t fit? With Techneaux, you’ll get a tailor-made solution that proactively reacts to how and when you do business.

Markets We Serve

Whether you’re publicly owned or privately operated, your industry is our expertise—and we can prove it.

Oil & Gas

At Techneaux, we understand not only the specific needs of your business, but also the unique regulations of the oil & gas industry.


Our dedicated team of IT experts have made proactivity their profession when it comes to keeping you running full-steam ahead.


We work with you to develop solutions that grow alongside your business, while providing the support and tech to prevent downtime.

Let's Get Down To (Your) Business

When you choose Techneaux, you have a team of multi-talented experts with a passion for seeing you succeed by your side. Together, we’ll design services and solutions tailored to accelerate and improve your overall business performance.

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