So, here's a little bit about us

From humble beginnings as a two-man operation in the garage of Michael and Ben Johnson, to being named one of the top 10 companies for economic growth in Louisiana in 2019, Techneaux has experienced tremendous growth in its fourteen years of operation.

Our Origin Story

When we say we care about your business, we mean it; even if it means it’s not to our financial gain. The services and solutions we offer are focused on making you successful—and on being a true technology partner for every aspect of your operations.

Michael and Ben Johnson started Techneaux with their Enterprise Services and Industrial Control Systems groups working out of their garage.
Techneaux grows from 2 to 12 team members and opens its first official office in downtown Lafayette.
Techneaux expands to 30 team members and opens in offices in both Denver, Colorado, and Houston.
As our original downtown office become too small to hold our team members, we moved into our office on Westgate Drive.
Our Business Services division is officially open for business, bringing our total team member count to 50.
Techneaux expands into Dallas, Texas and starts the Industrial System Communications division.

We're recognized as one of Louisiana's Top 10 Economic Growth Leaders. An additional 25 team members are hired, to make 75 total team members.
Made it through the COVID 19 pandemic without laying off a single team member.
Developed an launched Bifrost, a managed software service, bringing our team member count to 100.
Bifrost becomes an official Techneaux division.
Expansion of both Lafayette and Denver offices, in addition to hitting 150 total team members.
Our mission will always be to help people succeed. It’s what drives our operations on a daily basis. We help our customers. We help each other. We help Techneaux. We want to leave a positive impact on people’s lives both professionally and personally while continuing to develop our own employees’ skill sets and services along the way.