bifrost by techneaux

Industrial-Strength Data Streams

Bifrost delivers industrial-strength data streams that revolutionize how oil and gas companies use and move their SCADA data. Bifrost's managed solutions are designed, built, and supported by our integrated team of data professionals using our proprietary modular workflow middleware platform.

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bifrost by techneaux

Introducing Bifrost

Bifrost sets new standards for connecting data from systems like CygNet, Ignition, PI, and more to analytics, optimization, reporting, accounting, historian, data lakes, and beyond.

On-premises Software

Built on industry-leading technologies, optimized for performance, reliability, and speed, Bifrost’s proprietary streaming ETL platform redefines what’s possible.

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Expert Design

Leveraging our experience working with some of the largest companies in the world, Bifrost’s team of experts cover all the skills needed to customize data streams.

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Ongoing Support

Every Bifrost data stream includes the support that’s required to keep your data flowing in a constantly changing, high volume, high value environment.

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All the data you need. All the time. Wherever, whenever, however you need it.

Bifrost can be the ultimate addition to your toolbox to help solve your customers' data integration challenges. Contact us today to learn more!

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